If you are looking for a hunt of a lifetime look no further. Book a hunt with the best in the Midwest!


            Snow Goose Commander has spent the last 11 years chasing snow geese all  over the United States. From the boot heel of southern Missouri to South Dakota, Snow Goose Commander has guided hunters on multiple successful snow goose hunts across the Midwest. We offer our customers skilled guides and the large decoy spreads consisting of best snow goose decoys on the market.

           Our guided snow goose hunts begin in Arkansas starting in January and continuing to the middle of March through Missouri. As the migration moves north, we will follow as well to South Dakota ending our season in Middle of April. We strongly recommend our hunters to schedule a minimum three day hunt in order to provide them successful hunting opportunities.

          Snow Goose Commander is the proud owner and inventor of the one of a kind F5 Rotation Machine. Most rotation machines on the market today hold two to four flyers in order to stimulate snow geese hopscotching over the field. With our multiple level F5 machine can hold from fourteen to twenty flyers at one time. This machine stimulates snow geese boiling upward. With this one of a kind invention we are able to put these smart birds right in your face.